Making friends (with a dragon)

suitable for 5 year olds – thanks to Adele Thackray for reading


A bit under the weather … verse is dedicated to anyone who is feeling acutely aware of their own mortality.

It is a small, soft-backed black and white booklet which contains a selection of poems starting with a cold and finishing with a funeral.  Please note that it does contain adult language.

ISBN 97809928449-0-5


Back then, when I was a child … verse is dedicated to you if you still use words such as “Fab” and “Ace”. It is set in a time when the seasons were marked by the wearing of a woolly vest and all you wanted to do was to play out.

ISBN 978-0-9928449-1-2


From The Twelve Days of Christmas via a Mid-life crisis after Waking up on Christmas morning to Another year passes this booklet contains a small snapshot of the festive season.

No snowmen were harmed during the production of this compendium.

ISBN 978-0-9928449-2-9